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Call for Submissions

Writers, poets and wordsmiths of all ages, we want to hear from YOU!

Of Earth and Sky is a large-scale installation of poetry, ideas and statements created by the public through online submissions. These submissions will be curated and installed across multiple locations in uptown Charlotte, forming a temporary sculpture trail through our Center City during the Charlotte SHOUT! festival.

Selected pieces will be announced June 30.

In addition to the outdoor installation, selected writers will be invited to share their poem or statement through a professionally recorded video posted here, on the Of Earth and Sky event website, along with a brief biography and links to their social media.

Questions? Email Bluz Rogers.


Sign up for a free workshop hosted by Emmy award-winning poet Boris “Bluz” Rogers, National Poetry Slam champions Jay Ward and Jordan Bailey at the Middleton McMillan Gallery at Spirit Square. Held each Saturday this April and May, the workshops provide the opportunity to hear about the Of Earth and Sky vision and receive writing prompts to help guide their work.

Watch the video on this page to learn more.

Attending a workshop is encouraged, but not required. If you’re ready to submit your work now, click the button below.

Video submission is preferred, as video offers the curation team an opportunity to understand the context of your words.

Of Earth and Sky

Of Earth and Sky was created by international artist Luke Jerram, and presented last year in the city of Gloucester, UK.

The poetry and text responded to the events of 2020 in the UK, including social and climate changes, along with the impact of Covid-19. The words were touching and hopeful, embedding a sense of pride in the city. Learn more at

This Spring, Of Earth And Sky will launch in Blackburn, Lancashire as part of the 2021 National Festival of Making. The artwork will be installed in 25 locations, bringing words of inspiration to the streets, parks and waterways.

Luke Jerram is overseeing the production of Charlotte’s Of Earth and Sky, and will assist our curatorial artists Bluz Rogers and Bree Stallings with the installation before the opening of Charlotte SHOUT! in September 2021

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About Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of unique sculptures, indoor and outdoor installations and live arts projects.

Living in the UK, but working internationally since 1997, Jerram is known globally for his innovative arts practice, and especially his large scale public artworks. In 2019 alone, he had 117 exhibitions in 22 different countries around the world.

Jerram shows his large art installations in festivals and museums, while many of his smaller sculptures reside in permanent public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Wellcome Collection in London. Learn more about Luke Jerram at

In addition to Of Earth and Sky, Jerram will be showing his Gaia art installation during Charlotte SHOUT! in Founders Hall of the Bank of America Building.


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About Charlotte SHOUT!

Charlotte SHOUT! is a multi-week festival celebrating the talents of international and locally-grown artists, musicians, chefs and thought leaders. Located primarily in uptown Charlotte, SHOUT! presents a dazzling array of creative, inclusive and innovative experiences to inspire and delight audiences of all tastes and ages.

Charlotte SHOUT! takes place in uptown:
September 17 – October 3, 2021.

Learn more at



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