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Jessica M.Bravo


And the shame was back
Ready to destroy whatever I thought I had
Whatever worth I had given myself
Ready to remind me of who I was
Unfit mother, vulgar woman.
Ready to be stoned.
Perhaps not physically, but just as painful

A chronic and silent disease
I could feel every blow
One after the other, coming in waves
Frustration masked the real wound
All this damn shame.
Ashamed of what?
Of not remaining unseen?
Fuck that.
I left the ship, but the anchor was tied to my foot.
Pulling me back every time I got too far
I was no longer on it, yet still on its radius.
Swimming along its diameter
A fake sense of freedom at its best

You think you are free from it
So you don’t see it coming
You are not expecting it
It hits you by surprise.
So unexpected, it leaves you blind
Back in a hole and not knowing why
Not even suspecting it’s your good ole friend
Oh what a damn shame!