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Marqus Hardy-Owens


Love in life love in breathe

Love outwards love in sex

Love and music love and war love love love me
for the world will love us love in hate love in sadness

And in madness love in vibration love out your heart mouth nose eyes ears and tears

Love love love

L: long for love long after breath and when i rest say i love you until your out of breath

O: only love live in my heart love lifts what could not be moved love is the vessel that will sail across the world until the world is no more

V: Venus desire passion love beauty ambition appeal

E: ensure love to men and woman no matter what or who you love

Love from above love from the voices love from the white dove love come out the mouth of babes

Love love love goes on and on and on

Aloha hola bonjour namaste hi to love to live to breathe to cry to be mad to be sad to be happy to be love is to be free love love love